ongoing projects

Quality Improvement is a method of planning and implementing continuous improvements in systems or processes in order to provide quality health care reflected by improved patient outcomes.  The Network is currently focusing on the following quality improvement activities:
Adequacy QIP Logo Adequacy Quality Improvement Project (QIP)
impacting ESRD Network 5’s performance on the dialysis adequacy clinical measure. 
CROWNWeb Data Cleanup Logo CROWNWeb Data Clean-Up
ENGAGE Certification Program
working to improve patient- and family-engagement at the facility level
Grievance QIA Grievance Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
working to educate patients about the grievance process, train staff to support patients through the process, and to decrease overall grievance scores in participating facilities by a relative 20%.
HAI LAN Logo Healthcare-Associated Infections Learning & Action Network (HAI LAN)
bringing together like-minded professionals to collaborate, share best-practices, and achieve  rapid, wide-scale improvement
ICH CAHPS QIA Logo ICH CAHPS Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
working to increase the number of positive patient responses regarding peritoneal dialysis discussions with in-center staff
Long-Term Catheter QIA  Long-term Catheter Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
New Shift Referral QIA  
New Shift Referral Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
promoting home dialysis therapies to all eligible ESRD patients in the Network 5 region, impacting home dialysis referral rates and reducing the disparity in the promotion and access to home dialysis therapies.
NHSN Project NHSN Data Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
working to increase facility reporting of bloodstream infections (BSIs) among dialysis patients and to improve the information transfer from hospitals to their outpatient dialysis facilities
WIPEOut Project Logo Bloodstream Infections Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
replicating the CDC’s methods by focusing on the prevention of and reduction in the incidence of BSIs in targeted outpatient dialysis facilities by collaboratively promoting the CDC Core Interventions
Vaccination QIA Logo Vaccination Quality Improvement Activity (QIA)
working to increase Network 5 HBV and pneumococcal vaccination rates to 60%