CROWNweb data clean-up

CROWNWeb CleanUp Project

In order for Network 5 to facilitate quality improvement, CROWNWeb must have accurate, timely, and complete data. The Conditions for Coverage [§ 494.180(h)] require Medicare certified dialysis facilities to enter data in CROWNWeb. To help ensure that all data reported via CROWNWeb accurately reflects the quality of patient care it is vital that all CROWNWeb users understand and follow processes when completing specific tasks within CROWNWeb. The Data Management Guidelines contain CMS-recommended processes for overseeing CROWNWeb data submissions and reporting. Network 5 has launched an initiative to eliminate saved and missing forms in CROWNWeb (Initial, Supplemental, and Re-entitlement CMS-2728s & Death Notifications CMS-2746s).

On May 11, 2016, the Network launched the CROWNWeb Clean-Up Project. Review our progress below:

CROWNWeb Data Cleanup Progress 052017  CROWNWeb Submission Progress 052017


Maintaining Current Personnel in CROWNWeb
October 2016

2016 Project Kickoff
May 2016

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