grievance quality improvement activity (qia)

Grievance QIA Logo
Quality improvment activity aimed to educate patients about the grievance process and to train staff to support patients through the process. Clinics are required to track their internal grievances and to decrease overall grievance scores by a relative 20%.

Network Project Lead:  RenĂ©e Bova-Collis
AIM:   To decrease overall grievance scores of enrolled facilities by a relative 20%. 
(See Project Overview for scoring methodology)
BASELINE:   March average grievance scores (Numerator = sum of all grievance scores/ Denominator = total number of facilities in project)
TIMELINE:   March - September
2017 Grievance Scores Focus Facilities
Project Overview - Includes scoring methodology, monthly call schedule, and project activities timeline
Grievance Log Template - all logs are to be submitted monthly to the Network for scoring

Staff Agreement - an agreement to create an environment that encourages patients, family members, and care partners to voice concerns without fear of retaliation


Tools & Resources


Root Cause Analysis (RCA) - tools to help conduct RCA are provided

FORUM Grievance Toolkit

Decreasing Dialysis Patient-Provider Conflict (DPC) Toolkit - kit includes videos, tracking tools, and modules for staff training

Feeling Cold Pamphlet and Feeling Cold Poster - materials to hand out and display for patients about cause of feeling cold while on dialysis, regulatory requirements, and suggestions for maintaining warmth during treatment

RESPECT Posters - posters to display in your facility to help encourage a calm and soothing treatment environment
RESPECT Poster 1 RESPECT Poster 1   RESPECT Poster 3 RESPECT Poster 3   RESPECT Poster 5 RESPECT Poster 5
RESPECT Poster 2 RESPECT Poster 2   RESPECT Poster 4 RESPECT Poster 4      

5-Diamond Patient Safety Program - offers some related modules for staff training

The Patient Whisperer - presentation created by former ESRD Network 9/10 regarding compassionate care for patients through effective communication techniques, including examples of challenging situations


Webinars & Slide Decks

Webinar #6 & Slides
June 2017

Webinar #5 & Slides
May 2017

Webinar #4 & Slides
April 2017

Webinar #3 & Slides
March 2017

Webinar #2 & Slides
February 2017

Grievance QIA Kickoff Webinar & Slides
January 2017