In-Center hemodialysis consumer assessment of healthcare providers & systems (Ich cahps)


Network Project Lead:  RenĂ©e Bova-Collis

AIM:     To increase the number of positive responses to Q39 of the ICH CAHPS survey for enrolled facilities by a relative 5%.
Question 39: “Peritoneal dialysis is dialysis given through the belly and is usually done at home. In the last 12 months, did either your kidney doctors or dialysis center staff talk to you about peritoneal dialysis?”
BASELINE:   48.8% (Calculated from 2016 Spring ICH CAHPS scores of selected project facilities)
GOAL:   51.4%
TIMELINE:   February - September
Rate of ICH CAHPS Survey Responses to Question 39
*Rate represents preliminary data
Project Overview

Monthly Reporting Form (due 5th day of each month)


Do You Know What the Following Question Means Poster - this resource is a poster that can be displayed in the dialysis facility to encourage patients to inquire about peritoneal dialysis options.  Peritoneal diaysis is one of the included questions patients are asked about on the ICH CAHPS survey. 

MATCH-D - this tool helps professionals identify and assess candidates for home dialysis therapies (PD and HHD)

My Life, My Dialysis Choice online decision-aide - this tool helps patients choose the right treatment for them based on their identified values and needs

Kidney School (Module 2) - educational module about options for both professionals and patients
Understanding Your Peritoneal Dialysis Options brochure
Coaching Patients for Successful Self-Management video (approximately 14 minutes long)- this video demonstrates teach-back method of education

Webinars & Slide Decks

Webinar #6 & Slides
August 2017

Webinar #5 & Slides
June 2017

Webinar #4 & Slides
May 2017

Webinar #3 & Slides
April 2017

Webinar #2 & Slides
March 2017

Project Kickoff Webinar & Slides
February 2017