new shift Home referral quality improvement activity (QIA)

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Quality Insights Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition has developed New Shift, a quality improvement initiative to promote home dialysis therapies to all eligible ESRD patients in the Network 5 region.  The goal of New Shift is to impact home dialysis referral rates and reduce the disparity in the promotion and access to home dialysis therapies.

Network Project Lead:  Andrea Moore, MSW, LSW

Monthly Data Collection

Monthly Data Collection Tool (available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word versions)

Monthly Data Collection Schedule


project Resources

New Shift Home Dialysis Referral Checklist

New Shift Referral Process Map

New Shift Root Cause Analysis 

5 Whys Tool for Root Cause Analysis

MEI Dialysis Decision Aid

MEI Dialysis Decision Aid Feedback Form (available electronically/online and Adobe PDF versions; due February 24)

MEI Dialysis Decision Aid Patient Questionnaire

PDSA Worksheet (available in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word versions; due March 3)



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Webinars & Slides

All project participants not present for the live webinar event are required to view the webinar recording for the event(s) which they were not present.  Click here to complete an attestation form indicating which webinar event(s) listed below that you have viewed:

Webinar #3 & Slide Deck
March 2017

Webinar #2 & Slide Deck
February 2017

Kickoff Webinar & Slide Deck
January 2017

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