gainful employment of esrd patients

Network Project Lead: Renée Bova-Collis

Ready Set Go Get Em LogoChanges in employment levels are common among working-age people with ESRD. Large numbers of patients give up jobs or reduce work hours before or after initiating dialysis. Once out of the job market, many are not able to re-enter due to the physical demands placed on them by the disease and the dialysis treatment they need to survive.

Aim: To increase vocational rehabilitation referral rates 10% for the participating facilities’ patients and increase those receiving services 5% by the end of September 2018, through positive culture change and increased access to services.

Baseline: (CROWNWeb data Oct 2016 – Jun 2017):
2.8% Referrals Made
1.3% Receiving Services

Goal: (September 2018):
12.8% Referrals Made
6.3% Receiving Services

Patient access and use of employment services graph
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Network 5 Vocational Rehabilitation Monthly Call (There are no slides.)
March 13, 2018

Network 5 Vocational Rehabilitation Monthly Call (There are no slides.)
January 26, 2018

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Project Resources


5 Diamond Patient Safety Program: Depression/Vocational Rehabilitation Module

Veterans Resources

KidneyWorks™ This patient advocacy program is designed to identify working-age people with Stage 3-5 CKD—those whose kidney function is less than 60%—and to promote job retention as a key means for these individuals to continue to pursue their life aspirations with health insurance, income and an enhanced quality of life.

Ticket to Work

Vocational Rehabilitation and Education Resources