fistula first/ Vascular access management

The Fistula First Catheter Last (FFCL) is a coalition of vascular access experts and stakeholders who are committed to the development and implementation of sustainable system changes that support arteriovenous (AV) fistula placement in suitable hemodialysis patients, while reducing central venous catheter use.

Network 5 is committed to improving the survival and quality of life of hemodialysis patients by optimizing vascular access selection to lower infection, hospitalization and mortality rates while preserving Medicare resources.

Lifeline for a Lifetime

Professional Access Planning Guide
Access Monitoring Guide
Fistula Maturity
Graft Healing
One Minute Catheter Check

Additional Resources

Medical Advisory Council (MAC) Catheter Reduction Toolkit
Vascular Access Coordinator Resource Manual

 For more information nationally, please visit the ESRD NCC's Fistula First Catheter Last web page.