What If... ? emergency preparedness campaign

People in general are inadequately prepared for emergencies. Renal patients are at increased risk in an emergency situation because of their kidney function impairment and dependence on access to dialysis and medications. This campaign encourages healthcare staff to help patients assess their actual level of preparedness, and patients to take steps to improve their ability to remain safe in an emergency crisis.

AIM: To increase patient safety through better understanding and practice of emergency preparedness.

GOAL: Patients to commit to doing at least one activity to improve their safety during an emergency.

MEASURE: Numerator= Number of patients pledged to do one thing/Denominator= Total number of able patients


What If Final 2015 Results


Best Practices

  • Having a drawing for a tote-bag for those who pledge
  • Focusing on 1 of the 6 pledge options each month and encouraging patients to pledge to each
  • Bulletin board with results of preparedness assessments
  • Fun drill activities
  • Emergency supply storage demos (suit cases, duffle bags, laundry baskets, totes)
  • Having patients encourage others to pledge!
  • Drawing for a “packed box”
  • Sharing ideas for ways to affordably stock, such as dollar stores and food pantries

Campaign Tools & Resources

What If...? Emergency Preparedness Tools

What if...?  Emergency Preparedness Resources